Homes with No HOA - For Sale

Thank You kindly for stopping by. Saving money on Homeowners Association Fees can truly be a significant savings as the years progress.  We are happy to furnish you with not only one search but actually a continuous search so that you are made aware immediately when a property that meets your criterion comes on the market. If the property is not a good deal it oftentimes just lingers and sits on the market. However if it is a good deal, rest assured others will be looking at it and having this information as quickly as possible becomes vital in this market. We will be glad to set up this type of search for you if you are interested. We will get back with you shortly to inquire as to either ZIP Codes or geographic area, approximate square footage of the home you're looking for, how many bedrooms and how many baths or a range for us to search and a rough estimate of the price range that you are trying to accomplish. When we have those details we will create a specific search for you. Also feel free to call us directly at 941 – 626 – 1093 with any other concerns or criterion that is important to you specifically.

Have a great day.