Sell Your Home Fast and Still Get Top Dollar

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I have known Dennis Kuty for ten years and have represented him in many real estate transactions. As an AV-rated real estate attorney, Florida Bar member since 1985 and former counsel to the Lee County, Florida Property Appraiser I have always enjoyed my relationship with Mr. Kuty. His business acumen and rich insights bring real value to the table for everyone that he represents. Our conversations and collaborations have been a win-win, mutually beneficial relationship from the very beginning.  I consider Dennis Kuty to be a friend and valued colleague. It is also fair to say that if you are considering selling your home you will find value in this book. I enjoyed it and I think that you will too.

—Michael S. Hagen manages the Hagen Law Firm in Fort Myers, FL. His focus is real estate law (both transactional and litigation), property tax, estate planning, probate and business law.  See for more details about Hagen and the firm.


Dennis, as you have often said over the last 14 years I have known you, Knowledge is Power and you sharing your many years of real estate mastery with us is a wonderful gift.  Your passion in real estate shines through the pages that provide important information that can benefit those ready to sell their residential home in today’s world.       

—Jeanine Thomas, Owner/Licensed Loan Origination Specialist


Great book! As the CEO of Quorum Group of Companies LLC, a full service commercial real estate company headquartered in Florida and as a personal friend of Dennis for over 25 years, I can wholeheartedly say that his book offers important, practical, sound and easy to follow advice that should benefit anyone wishing to get the best financial return in the least amount of time in the residential space. If you are seriously considering selling your home, get this book.

—Camilo Aguirre/ Commercial Developer


I just finished reading Dennis Kuty’s “Selling Your House Fast”. Having bought and sold a number of homes, I thought I had the process down pretty well. I quickly learned Dennis had a lot of great information in his book that I could use for myself and with helping my friends and family. I am impressed with the quality of information and Dennis’s clear presentation of it. I surely learned a bunch of stuff I didn’t know. Maybe you will too!

Ken Davis/ CLU, CHFC, Certified Financial Planner, CPA,
Past President & Chairman of the Greater Phoenix Institute of Certified Financial Planners
Past President of the Phoenix Chapter of the Arizona Society of CPA’s
Past Chair of the Arizona Society of CPA’s (ASCPA) education committee


As usual, Dennis has made something complicated and difficult, easy to understand.  This book is practical and extremely helpful.  As a therapist I help people through difficult transitions of life.  I will recommend this book for anyone selling their home… 

–Thomas R. Schroeder Jr. / LMHC


I have only known Dennis Kuty for a few months but I was immediately impressed with his zest for learning and understanding of all aspects of real estate. As a professional Land Use Planner and former Senior Planner with the Sarasota County Planning Services Department for over 22 years, I quickly realized upon talking with Dennis that he was anxious to know and learn everything I could share with him about my experiences as a professional Land-Use Planner. He has already taught me many things about real estate that I never learned in taking real estate courses. When I read his book, “Sell Your Home Fast and Still Get Top Dollar”, I was totally blown away by his knowledge and insight. I would highly recommend this book for both the first-time buyer or seller of real estate or the seasoned pro. If you want to sell your home fast, this book will give you invaluable insights.

Brian Lichterman is the owner of Vision Planning and Design, a Land-Use Planning and Consulting firm started in 2005 and located in Sarasota, Florida. His focus is on Re-zonings, Special Exceptions and Comprehensive Planning. He is also a Real Estate Associate with Premier Plus Realty located in Sarasota, Florida.


Time Is Money! I have been a friend and business associate of Dennis for more than 25 years and this information is the real deal.  What he shares represents years of experience and what really works in a real estate transaction. The practical knowledge from this book is comparable to taking a four year degree and concentrating it into a weekend crash course by extrapolating what works and doesn’t work.  It will not only save you money but can make you money… a lot of money.

Ron Anno /educator, speaker and advisor, who works closely with attorneys and accountants creating tax favorable, safe & secure investment plans for businesses and retirees. He lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife and three children.